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Sakae Celestial 4pc Kit - 22x18 w/mount, 10x07, 12x08, 16x14 inc.tom holder & clamps

The Celestial kit features Sakae's new Chamber Specific Technology (CST) process, which is another innovation in the 90 year history of Sakae drum making and the result of decades of collaborations with some of the world's top drummers. This ground-breaking instrument focuses on each drum (or “Chamber”) and the specific treatment needed to produce the most desired sound for that sized shell. With the CST process, Sakae has essentially pre- EQ'd each drum so that each speaks with its ultimate musical tone. The Celestial Series uses 2-plies of African Bubinga on the outside of the shell combined with North American Maple on the inside. By having the harder Bubinga wood at the bearing edge where the head contacts the drum, you get the most profound properties. Keeping this consistent tone and level of resonance from the hardwood allows Sakae to adjust the low-end, sustain, and projection for the various drum sizes. The amount of plys and the bearing edge of each shell is determined by what is best for the size of the drum. For example a bigger drum, such as a bass drum, has a 10-ply shell with a rounder bearing edge, while a smaller rack tom will have a 4 to 6-ply shell with sharper edges. All of this, while maintaining a drum kit's collective sound. Never before has a drum kit been treated with this level of focus to get the optimal sound and tone from each drum in the kit. The expression level, tuning range, presence and purity of tone is unparalleled. Stands Not Included.
Purple Haze

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